Refund Policy

We guarantee to provide best quality products, service and support, still if you are facing any problem with our product or service in such case you may ask for refund within 30 days on purchase of magento 2 extension and 1 week on purchase of desktop application.

  • In below listed cases you are not eligible to get refund.
    • If software application, service or extension not purchased from our website then you are not eligible to get refund from us.
    • Refund is not granted if you have purchased the software/extension for evaluation or testing purpose or you simply decide not to use the software or extension.
    • We are not granting refund for any service purchased from our site such as magento upgradation or migration.
    • Before purchasing any of our service, extension or desktop application please check product description, screenshots, demo and user guide carefully and if you are fully satisfied then purchase product or service.
    • Refund is not applicable after 30 days of purchasing magento 2 extension and after 7 days of purchasing desktop application.
    • Before generation refund request try to reach our customer care executive and discuss in brief about your problem related to your product. We take maximum 3 days to solve the issue and if we are unable to solve it we will initiate your refund process.
    • We are not allowing refund for coding conflicts related to third party extensions or themes that you have used in your store. We can offer you for support to solve the conflict with additional charge.
    • Products purchased prior to sales or promo campaigns are not eligible for refund.
    • If you have purchased magento 2 extension from magento market place then you have to follow the market place's refund policy.
  • Process to apply for refund :
    • Before generating refund request try to reach our customer care service center.
    • Explain the problem in detail which you are facing while using our product. Our customer care executive will confirm your order details and check for validations related to refund and privacy policy.
    • Give us 3 days time period to solve the issue.

Once we have confirmed your refund request you will get your money back (product purchase amount) in your bank account or paypal account within 7 working days depending on the credit card or paypal services.